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1Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder2013ISBN-13:9789147098224
2Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
3Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Trends, Issues and...Sateesh Gouda M2016-11-28Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the commitment of ...ISBN-13:3960676077
4The Routledge Companion to Visual OrganizationEmma Bell2014-01-23The visual constitutes an increasingly significant element o...ISBN-13:1135005478
5Business Research MethodsS Sreejesh2013-07-31Since research is best learned by doing, this book emphasize...ISBN-13:3319005391
6The SAGE Handbook of LeadershipAlan Bryman2011-02-17Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Le...ISBN-13:1446209873
7Methodology for Creating Business KnowledgeIngeman Arbnor2008-12-22`Arbnor and Bjerke's deep insight into theory construction a...ISBN-13:1446202526
8Research Methods and Organization StudiesAlan Bryman2003-09-02First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134888333
9A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book a...Emma Bell2013-09-18Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the...ISBN-13:1446292622
10Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2016-02-01Now in its fourth Canadian edition, Social Research Methods ...ISBN-13:9780199009787
11The Disneyization of SocietyAlan Bryman2004-06-09`Alan Bryman has expanded on his internationally well-known ...ISBN-13:9780761967651
12Research Methods For Business Students, 5/eMark N.K. Saunders2011ISBN-13:9788131761045
13Understanding Research for Social Policy and Social Work (se...Becker, Saul2012-03-14This comprehensive text combines theoretical and applied dis...ISBN-13:1847428150
14Essential Biological PsychologyJim Barnes2013-02-01Drawing on the latest exciting research, Essential Biologica...ISBN-13:1446275620
15Case Study Research and ApplicationsRobert K. Yin2017-09-27Recognized as one of the most cited methodology books in the...ISBN-13:1506336175
16Handbook of Data AnalysisMelissa A Hardy2009-06-17A fundamental book for social researchers. It provides a fir...ISBN-13:1446242897
17Strategic OutsourcingMaurice F. Greaver1999Outsourcing is a strategic decision. This guide e×plores ou...ISBN-13:9780814404348
18Social Research Methods 3e / SPSS Virtual Teaching Assistant...Alan Bryman2013-03-28Now in its third Canadian edition, the market-leading Social...ISBN-13:9780199009435
19The Happy HeroSolitaire Townsend2017-10-10What if saving the world was good for you? That’s my promi...ISBN-13:1911586386
20Financial Accounting TheoryCraig Deegan2011The second edition of Craig Deegan and Jeffrey Unerman's mar...ISBN-13:9780077126735
21Reframing Evaluation Through Appreciative InquiryHallie Preskill2006-06-21Reframing Evaluation Through Appreciative Inquiry is the fir...ISBN-13:9781412909518
22Organisational Roadmap Towards Teal OrganisationsTanya Bondarouk2018-07-16This volume explores and presents challenges that “traditi...ISBN-13:1787563138
23Advanced Quantitative Data AnalysisCramer, Duncan2003-07-01There are a variety of statistical techniques used to analys...ISBN-13:0335200591
24The True YouEmma J. Bell2016-02-23Many of us have become used to regularly feeling out of cont...ISBN-13:163047763X
25Doing Research in Organizations (RLE: Organizations)Alan Bryman2013-05-02This textbook provides first-hand, inside accounts of the pr...ISBN-13:1135930848
26StorytellingKlaus Fog2006-03-20Must-read for managers on a powerful branding tool of the fu...ISBN-13:9783540271161
27STRATEGIC MARKET MANAGEMENT, 7TH EDDavid A. Aaker2008-02-01Market_Desc: · Business Professionals· MBA Students Specia...ISBN-13:9788126516049
28Understanding the Life CourseLorraine Green2016-12-20Understanding the Life Course provides a uniquely comprehens...ISBN-13:0745697968
29Learning at WorkBridget N. O'Connor2007As a workplace learning professional, what do you need to be...ISBN-13:1599960567
30Influence MarketingDanny Brown2013-04-29Identify and Manage the Influence Paths That Convert Brand A...ISBN-13:0133391647
31The Fun Book for GirlfriendsMelina Gerosa Bellows2009-05-01Girlfriends never let you down and neither does The Fun Book...ISBN-13:0740790765
32Life Cycle AssessmentKathrina Simonen2014-04-16Life Cycle Assessment addresses the dynamic and dialectic of...ISBN-13:1317697367
33Management Control SystemsRobert Newton Anthony2001Management Control Systems 10/e builds on strengths from pri...ISBN-13:9780072316353
34Case Study Methodology in Business ResearchJan Dul2008The complete guide for how to design and conduct theory-test...ISBN-13:0750681969
35The Spirit of the MountainsEmma Bell Miles1905CHI:42154272
36Regression Models for Time Series AnalysisBenjamin Kedem2005-03-11A thorough review of the most current regression methods in ...ISBN-13:0471461687
37A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book a...David Silverman2013-01-15Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the...ISBN-13:1446289575
38The Physiotherapist's Pocketbook E-BookKaren Kenyon2018-08-17A to Z list of pathologies Contraindications to treatment Ph...ISBN-13:0702077984
39Life Cycle AssessmentMichael Z. Hauschild2017-09-01This book is a uniquely pedagogical while still comprehensiv...ISBN-13:3319564757
40Love You, DadMelina Gerosa Bellows2012A celebration of fatherhood through wildlife photos features...ISBN-13:1426209231
1Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoderBryman, Alan, 1947-2017Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder
2Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoderBryman, Alan, 1947-2017Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder
3Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoderBryman, Alan, 1947-2017Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder
4Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Elektronisk resurs]Bryman, Alan, 1947-2017Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Elektronisk resurs]
5Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Ljudupptagning]Bryman, Alan, 1947-2017Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Ljudupptagning]
6Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Elektronisk resurs]Bryman, Alan, 1947-2017Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Elektronisk resurs]
7Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Elektronisk resurs]Bryman, Alan, 1947-2017Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder [Elektronisk resurs]

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